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Reflexology improves circulation throughout the body through the reflexes on the feet.  "It works like a remote control into the body, relaxed yet energized".   By pressing on the reflexes on the feet, I can tell if the client has a headache, stiff neck, low back pain, if they drink enough water or eat too much sugar!  Usually by the end of a half hour session, most headaches and aches and pains change, if not disappear,  and  my client is left with a wonderful sense of well-balance.  They feel light, relaxed and yet energized! 


Judy Dobbs was foisted into alternative modalities in the early 70’s. A fall rearranged her coccyx bone, leaving her crippled in 1973.  Having reacted to over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drugs all her life, the codeine drugs administered for the pain only worsened her condition.  Only after much persuading from her mother did Judy decide to call a Reflexologist in Northeast Philadelphia, May Post.  Luckily getting a last minute appointment, Judy was carried into Mays’ office where 2 phone books had been placed on the chair with a 2 inch space between them for her coccyx to sit pressure free.  May Post methodically pressed every square inch of Judy’s feet, and at the end of the session, came up the spine reflex on the heel, slowly and deeply. Just then everyone in the room heard a loud click from Judy’s low back!  The pain turned from excruciating to light!  Judy walked out of the office!  In 1975 she took her first class with the International Institute of Reflexology taught by May Post.


Is there an explanation for this miracle?  Yes!  May Post improved the circulation in the entire body via the reflex points on the feet, relaxing all the muscles and nerves, opening the lymphatic system enabling the body to achieve homeostasis (balance)!


On the next paragraph, replace  Since then Judy has discovered many healthy ways to help the body heal: Seasonal allergies are easily eliminated by eating a special brand of pollen  with:  Reflexology helps many but Judys’ mission is to empower more people to take control of their health.  Continue with the next sentence, just change the “hormone balance” to “hormone imbalance”.  Then take the last sentence out  And for those interested in repairing DNA damage and rebuilding their body form the inside out, there's a new all-in-one mineral drink, Vibe, to replace all your vitamin/mineral pills!


Go to directly to http://judydobbs.younglivingworld.com for lots of information about therapeutic essential oils that:

v   Balance the nervous system

v   Open the lymph’s

v   Reduce pain

v   Release muscle spasms

v   Balance hormones

v   Carry oxygen into cells, tissues and the brain

v   Release toxins and emotions from the cells


Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? I found a delicious tasting pollen that is cold processed and ground down so our bodies can absorb it and build an immunity to all pollen! Note: These pollen pills work better than the "pollen balls" commonly seen.  The bees spit on the pollen in the hive to store them but we humans lack the enzyme to digest them.  So this pollen I found, at $15.00 a bottle, is a cheap natural alternative for adults and children! Email or call me to order.


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